Aloha Ke Akua


After your death, I still couldn’t pick up the phone.
Quiet disbelief,
Shooting text messages into cold, thin air.
Nahko and the Medicine for the People rang,
As inhaled your death,
My lungs froze.
I don’t listen to them, anymore.
But I’ll never be as cold,
As I was before your passing.

Echoes traveling, outstretched.
Making home in the past,
Neighboring that song you used to sing.
There were plenty.
Lyrics conveying messages.
Lyrics bringing me back to you,
While I google how long it takes a corpse to decompose.
Are you comfortable in that coffin?
Quiet conditioning,
Shouting messages into the cold, dark earth.

My emotional pain equivalent to your physical.
Lyrics conveying messages.
Lyrics bringing me back…
I promise,
I’m not forgetting you.

Sunrise To Rainstorms

This morning I woke with a feeling of brokenness
Which usually doesn’t differ from any given day
But today, today was different

This morning I woke in the midst of a piece of myself

Like a balloon someone let loose
And I watched as it floated away into the sky
And down the street
Through cafe’ doors
And into the mouth of a stranger
Who was blowing on her coffee to cool it
And she swallowed me whole

As orange as the early morning sunrise
This piece of me just vanished
And I’m left feeling just a little more broken
Than usual

It’s supposed to rain today
And boy,
Can I feel that storm comin’