Goddess Part 1

She lies down with her new lover. The air is damp, her skin sticky. The space between her inner thighs is a sweltering mix of sweat and cum. The sun beaming in through the side window has her feeling feverish, but she doesn’t want to close the blinds. Bright sun rays highlight her lovers face; revealing every line, every newest wrinkle and fold, every unruly blemish. She wants to take every delicate imperfection, turn them inside out, and etch them into her brain so the memory of this moment will never leave her.

She’s been waiting for this day for two unbearably long months. Been saving herself; something that is typically very difficult for London to do. She is somewhat of a hedonist. She believes that pleasure and happiness in life are the absolute most important things. For her, if you aren’t enjoying yourself and your personal needs are not thoroughly satisfied, then life would be meaningless. Not being able to seek out and obtain the world’s greatest pleasures, would mean living a life of pure and profound misery.

Amari left for New York just a handful of days after they met, where she landed a modeling gig with a home décor’ magazine. Amari never experienced any difficulty landing gigs; she was stunning, fierce, and competitive. This particular job was incredibly important to her because her partnership with Central Living would help raise money for homeless LGBTQ+ youth in New York City. It was one and a half months of work, and two weeks’ vacation time at the beach to reward herself.

London couldn’t wait for her to return so she could personally reward her. Two full months of not having the freedom to calm her raging desire to orgasm have been torture. She’s hungry for Amari, desperate. She wants nothing more than to rip her clothes off and feel the entirety of her body beneath her kiss, to taste the salt from her skin, to be completely consumed by her essence. The fact that Amari is now spread out in bed with her natural beauty illuminating in the sunlight, makes it nearly impossible for London to maintain her composure. She has no doubt that Amari is just as eager. She must be playing some game, seeing how long London can hold out until she makes the first move, before she loses all control. London realizes this actually gives her the upper hand; knowing it would take the simplest gesture for their suppressed desires to erupt into every corner of that room.

(To be continued…)