33 Things I Didn’t Say, or Didn’t Say Enough

G, this isn’t meant to be weird, although I am sure it is. You have said a few times over the years that I focused on the negatives too much at times, and not so much the positives. I know it probably doesn’t matter now, but you deserved more positives, so I just wanted to list a few.

  • You always made really good breakfast crepe things. Like the best.
  • Let’s be real, you always cooked, and it was always bomb.
  • You’re really positive.
  • You make friends easily.
  • You have a unique sense of humor but you’re hilarious.
  • We were never great with agreeing with one another, but I know that most days you acted with good intent. Sometimes it backfired, but you did.
  • Even at times when you feel a little lost in life, you keep going, and you always aim for improvement and progress.
  • You are forgiving.
  • You care deeply, about many things.
  • You enjoy giving gifts to others.
  • You are understanding.
  • You are thoughtful.
  • You are a good friend.
  • You are adventurous.
  • You are passionate.
  • You are courageous.
  • You could always down some serious food with me/friends.
  • I never felt judged by you (for the most part, and for much of our relationship), even for some of the worst things I have done.
  • You were good at getting me to come out of my social shell.
  • You shared your video games with me.
  • You always made sure I wasn’t hungry.
  • You always laughed at my stupid humor.
  • You sucked at pool, therefore I wasn’t alone.
  • You’re hygienic lol.
  • You sometimes have your own crazy way, but it shouldn’t go unappreciated
  • You’re sensitive.
  • You’re great at telling stories in great detail.
  • You always helped with household stuff like all the time. Like if I ever ran out of underwear, you’d wash them and surprise me with them later.
  • You always went on hikes with me.
  • We rarely ran out of things to talk about bc life was always interesting with you.
  • You made life fun and you made it good.
  • You always encouraged my writing, even when it was awful.
  • I never thanked you enough, but you never stopped doing for me.
  • You loved my puppy.
  • You were my absolute best friend.

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