Let Me Vent

Shut down

Shut down

Put some of that white pride aside

And sit the fuck down

Governmental shut down

Emotional smut

Lookin’ like a clown

Who knew an orange chicken

Could cause so much god damn friction


You ever listen to a song through a tunnel?

How bout under water?

Lyrical gluttony

Escape this tyrannical phony


Pence better consult his mother

And trump ought to stop having wet dreams

About that teenager

From ‘94

Face resembling that of his daughter

Sleeping peacefully

The rest of the country fearing

An upcoming war

Pissed on by sex workers

Wishing they were squirters

He’ll tweet denial on tweeter

Adding in a confirmation

Of his bigly pecker


The world is fucking grim

Country being run

By an overflowing blimp

Grandaddy was a pimp

But this man is a straight up gangster

Let’s ask his shrinking wife

How many times he’s raped her

Sorry if that was a bit too vulgar

This man is a fucking monster

Backing this country into to a corner


Hope for impeachment

What a mental torment

Glowing reds

Proud reds

Money placing chains around your tongues


You made your beds

So when all hell prevails

We’ll leave you to pick up the fragments

Cast you out

Tell you not to pout

Leave you victims of your own

Greed and oppression

In the meantime

Please do us the honor

Of explaining your gun obsession




Look at what you are doing to this nation!


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