Untreated Manpression Doe Not End Well

I said I wouldn’t write another
Until this shit was over
But this song has got me feeling a certain way and…
All I ever do is feel
Let’s be real
I couldn’t help myself
All this nazi rage
Nazi crawl back into your cave
With your sorry little nazi tears
Wound up, bound up
Are you feeling sorta fucked up
Because you could not displace your tiny nazi fear
On this big bad world
Nazi rage
Belong in a little padded nazi cage
I read your files
To the fucking ceiling they pile
Your mental health so vile
This insane cycle
And now that all of America hates you
Was it worthwhile?
And you blame people of color and…
You blame the liberals that supposedly don’t have jobs and…
You’re not really all that white either
If you would just stop being a coward and…
Admit your genealogy and…
You’ve been fighting a disability case since ‘73
Too unstable to find a job
Yet you find yourself backed by some sorry ass cops
So tell me,
How does a bat shit crazy nazi fund himself?
Building on and spreading and…
Profiting on this ideology?
Others like you, also so quick to pass
On dealing with these insecurities
Now you’re one big happy fucking family and…
The rest of the world will make sure you do not thrive and…
Some will ensure you do not survive
So I recommend taking your nazi rage
And crawling back into your little fucking nazi cave
Before this big bad world eats you alive

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