Give me liberty
Or let my soul die

We as people
Are merely wild beings
Not meant to be bound

Untamed. Uncut. Beastly.
Overgrown. Lush. Earthly.
Not meant to be inhibited

These parts of us
Perfectly designed to remain uninhabited by other people
Bulldozing through our elaborate forests
Mass destruction to our essential nature
Telling us to be more simple
With every tree cut down
Telling us to thrive

Building corporate houses
On desolate surfaces
Which remain empty
Nothing left
To feed the greedy


To hinder my independence
Is to cage me
Provide me nothing to quench my thirst
And watch my spirit dry up

I promise you
It will happen ever-so-quickly

So do not be fooled
By my seemingly hard character
I am no breaker of chains
No, these chains would break me

And you

To repress my will
To place restraints on my intensity
Is to throw salt to a flame
And expect some form of clarity

Stare too long at your beloved good deed
Of torching this foundation
Your eyes will crisp and bleed

Every shot at bringing morale to morality
Throwing salt to the flame
Further diminishing your ability to see

You couldn’t succeed
In being grounded within me
You also could not stand to watch me fly

Give me liberty
You’d rather watch my soul die

Rather watch me burn
Grasp onto your final fading hope
That any part of me
Any part of me at all
Burns for you

Waiting game
Tighten your chains
Every strike of the axe will burn
But is it burning me?

Is it?


Do your chains burn?

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