Its just hate

And I swear to God
In my deep brown eyes
Everything I once perceived as hints of yellow
Transformed into the deepest blue

This is the beginning of a revolution!

Wet towel over my mouth
I silently cried
And my convictions I kept hidden
So the world I knew
Could be a little less frightened
In this hard time

My big blue eyes
The most mysterious occurrence
I have come to witness
My eyes, not my eyes
But the world

Ever so blue

And today I hugged some old friends
I held on tightly
Because it’s symbolic
As I knew times were changing

Because this is the beginning of a revolution!

And revolutions bring upon new eras
And new eras leave things to the past
And these friendships
Will probably dissolve into the past
And I hope to at least depart in love


The most powerful thing this world
Can never seem to fathom

But as we are divided
And the other half
Insists that we’re just crying
I receive death threats on the daily
Sparked from the very hate I am fighting
People knocking on my bathroom window
Trying to tear down my doors

I am terrified

Yet, I am fighting!!!
For a maybe
A slight possibility

May you not stand by me
But I stand by you
And for you

For your disabled daughter
Your LGBT friend, lover, or brother
Your Mexican mother
Your black boyfriend
Your Muslim stepfather

Even for your straight, white privilege
Where you fail to see any possible issues
I stand for you
In all you may not yet realize
I believe in your potential
You have so much you could offer

With all of my heart
I truly love every single one of you
In all of your diversity
And all of your sameness

But this is the beginning of a revolution!

And yes
The outcome includes you!

So tomorrow I will rise
And hope to survive
The future of your regret
For sitting aside
For having another “perspective”
Or for not having one at all

But tonight, I projectile vomited
All the hidden worries and regrets
My friends and family
Are too proud to share
As they passively slide by
In their safe, promising America
Into the toilet

As if it were the end

But this is
The beginning
Of a revolution!

And as this cold, blue world progresses
It will begin to freeze you
But no matter what
I will be a blanket for you
Because love warms all things
Even things unknown

And no matter what my friends
I stand by my love for you

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